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Blue Ridge Pkwy Travel Planner App is Back 

At long last, our popular Blue Ridge Parkway travel app is available again. Please note that new name length restrictions from iTunes meant a new name for the app there (we would argue that a 469-mile drive of unparalleled beauty such as the Parkway has earned its lengthy name, but we digress).

If you had the previous app version for iPhone or iPad, what was formerly called the Blue Ridge Parkway – Travel Planner app is now called Blue Ridge Pkwy Travel Planner. The app is available in iTunes for Apple users now (compatible with both iPhones and iPads).

The new Android version is also available now. You will find the app in Google Play by the same name, Blue Ridge Parkway Travel Planner – but do note the Android version is an all-new release. If you had the previous version installed on your Android phone, please delete the old one and reinstall the new version.

When updates from both iOS and Android necessitated a complete redesign of our app, our skilled and dedicated developers at Nomad Mobile Guides (a division of NewCity) worked long hours to not only meet but exceed our expectations for the latest version of the official app for Blue Ridge Parkway travel planning. You get a much improved experience – still available as a free download – and everything you need to navigate along the Parkway.

Carolina Rhododendron

Carolina Rhododendron by Jeff Greenberg

Why Download the Blue Ridge Parkwy Travel Planner App?

The Blue Ridge Pkwy Travel Planner app is brought to you by the Blue Ridge Parkway Association. We are the official marketing partner of Blue Ridge Parkway – NPS.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Association has provided travelers with free travel resources and Parkway maps since 1949. Our app is the only Blue Ridge Parkway app created in cooperation with the National Park Service. It’s been reliably guiding travelers on their Parkway trips since 2012. It’s also a free download, and always will be.


Blue Ridge Pkwy Travel Planner App Navigational Features:

  • Offline Maps – If you’ve ever found yourself out of cell range, you know that directions on your phone no longer work. Because the Parkway’s mountainous terrain makes for spotty cell reception, having access to maps even without a cell signal is an essential!
  • Near Me – This feature is indispensable in navigating the Parkway’s 469 miles. With all there is to see and do along the way, our Near Me feature shows you immediately which destinations are closest to you now.
  • Directions – If you have a Parkway destination in mind and need to know how to get there, this feature is the best that exists for mapping your route.

Blue Ridge Pkwy Travel Planner App Essential Info Features:

  • All the Access Points (entrance and exits to the Parkway), gas station locations, hours and locations of visitor centers, basic rules & regulations, and emergency services at your fingertips
  • Where to stay, attractions & activities, where to get food and drinks, performances & traditional mountain music and special events are all included
  • Everything you need to know about cultural & natural resources, regional history & geology, area communities, wildlife viewing & safety, hiking & camping

New & Improved in the Updated Blue Ridge Pkwy Travel Planner App

  • Offline Maps for both iOS and Android versions
  • Intuitive menus and access to info
  • Better navigation features for maps
  • More beautiful Parkway imagery
  • Smaller footprint takes up less space on your device


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