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Doughton Park, Blue Ridge Parkway Point of Interest

World Class Scenic Byway

Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway

Sweeping curves and awe-inspiring vistas are just a few reasons why thousands of motorcyclists ride the Blue Ridge Parkway each year. The road also has a reputation as one of the best in the United States, and motorcyclists are also lured by the Parkway’s:

  • Ample scenic overlooks, providing opportunities to stretch and relax
  • Picnic sites, camping and lodging opportunities
  • Nearby travel destinations, attractions, and accommodations
Patrick County

More for Motorcyclists

When planning your motorcycle trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway, keep in mind safety and regulatory laws. Wearing a helmet is required and the maximum speed limit along the Parkway is 45 miles per hour (less in some areas). Motorcyclists should also be aware of loose gravel after rain or paving, slippery wet leaves in the fall, tunnels, curves, and wildlife. It is important to know the Parkway was designed many decades ago and the radius of any given curve is not as regular as those on the interstate.

Motorcycle-Friendly Venues Along the Parkway

Stories & Itineraries

Along with the 469 miles of glorious scenery winding along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the parkway, there are several other motor routes in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia that are popular with motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts.
Looping through the Blue Ridge Mountain range, the Claw of the Dragon is one of the most popular destinations in the South among motorcycle enthusiasts.
Sweeping ridgetop curves and sunset-lit country roads converge in one divinely placed mountain town. Waynesboro, Virginia located at the base of Skyline Drive and Milepost 0 of the Blue Ridge Parkway offers the perfect base camp for motorcycle touring, with multiple days of beautiful riding and evening entertainment.
These routes offer sites worth visiting that promise to tickle your taste buds, enthrall your eyes and enchant your ears. There are tours, routes and trails to suit every traveler, taste, and location from Tennessee to Virginia.