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Millions of visitors enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway each year. Some think of it as just a motor road or a pleasant drive. But the Parkway is also a place of varied and significant natural resources.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Julian Price Park

Price Lake, Photo by William A. Bake

Spanning the southern and central Appalachians, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers an exceptional glimpse of the regional flora and fauna. It is world-renowned for its biodiversity.

The Parkway covers a wide range of habitats along the Appalachian Mountains, and some of these habitats are exceptionally rare. Visitors encounter unsurpassed diversity of climate, vegetation, wildlife and geological features.


The Blue Ridge Parkway
Along the Parkway, you will find:
  • Mount Mitchell – The highest mountain peak in the eastern United States
  • New River – The oldest river in North America, easily accessible from Galax, VA
  • Whitewater Falls – The highest waterfall east of the Rockies, located in Jackson County
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