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Where to Stop and Get More Information Along the Road

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers many Visitor Centers along its 469 miles – great places to stretch your legs, take a rest, enjoy the view, and learn more about the region. You’ll find water fountains, restrooms, maps and area information, and Parkway keepsakes at Visitor Centers.

Ridge & Plateau Regions

Parkway Visitor Centers in Virginia
Boy holding a map

Families and Kids

Visitor Centers are a great resource for families along the trip. Restrooms, snacks and a variety of learning opportunities are all available at these facilities.

Knowledgeable volunteers and Rangers are available to answer questions and share information about the natural resources of the region.

Kids can get “sworn in” as Junior Rangers at Visitor Centers and pick up their free activity kits. Junior Rangers learn while they experience the Parkway, earning badges as they complete activities across the four regions of the Parkway.

Please note that not every visitor center is open every year and most are only open seasonally. Check the NPS Operating Hours and Seasons page to see the current operating schedule for all the NPS facilities located along the Parkway.

Parkway NC Visitor Centers

Highlands & Pisgah Regions

Parkway Visitor Centers in North Carolina

You’ll find Visitor Centers at most Points of Interest. Most Visitor Centers and many Parkway facilities are ADA Accessible.

Most facilities like Visitor Centers, picnic areas, and campgrounds on the Parkway operate on a seasonal basis – please note this includes restrooms and plan accordingly. Facilities that are normally open year-round are: the NC Museum of Minerals, the Folk Art Center and the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center in Asheville, NC. In winter, sections of the Parkway may be closed by snow or ice.