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North Carolina Hiking Trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway

 Downloadable Hiking Maps are available HERE and HERE


Milepost numbers increase as you go South on the Parkway.



217.5 Cumberland Knob Trail (ideal lazy-day walk) 
0.5 Easy
217.5 Gully Creek Trail (rewarding loop that meanders by stream)    2 Strenuous
218.6 Fox Hunters Paradise Trail (view) 0.2 Easy
230.1 Little Glade Millpons (easy loop stroll around pond) 0.4 Easy
238.5 Cedar Ridge Trail (great for day hike; vistas and forests)    4.2 Moderate
238.5 Bluff Mountain Trail (parallels Parkway to Milepost 244.7)    7.5 Moderate
241 Fodder Stack Trail great variety of plants)    1 Moderate
241 Bluff Ridge Trail (primitive trail with steep slopes)    2.89 Strenous
243.7 Grassy Gap Fire Road (wide enough for side-by-side hiking)    6.5 Moderate
243.7 Basin Creek Trail (access from back-country campground)    3.3 Moderate
244.7 Flat Rock Ridge Trail (forest path with vistas)    5 Moderate
260.3 Jumpingoff Rocks Trail (forest path to vista) 1 Easy
264.4 The Lump Trail (to hilltop view) 0.3 Easy
271.9 Cascades Trail (self-guiding loop to view of falls) 0.5 Moderate
272.5 Tompkins Knob Trail (to Jesse Brown Cabin) 0.6 Easy
294 Rich Mountain Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail    3 Moderate
294 Flat Top Mountain Carriage, Horse & Hiking Trail    3 Moderate
294 Watkins Carriage, Horse & Hiking Trail    3.3 Easy/Moderate
294 Black Bottom Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail    0.5 Easy
294 Bass Lake Carriage, Horse & Hiking Trail    1.7 Easy
294 Deer Park Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail    0.8 Moderate
294 Maze Carriage Horse & Hiking Trail    2.3 Moderate
294 Duncan Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail    2.5 Moderate
294 Rock Creek Bridge Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail 1 Easy
294.1 Figure 8 Trail (short, self-guiding loop nature trail)    0.7 Easy
294.6 Trout Lake Hiking & Horse Trail (loop) 1 Easy
295.9 Green Knob Trail (to Green Knob)    2.3 Moderate/Strenuous
296.5 Boone Fork Trail (stream, forest, and meadows)    4.9 Moderate/Strenuous
297 Price Lake Loop Trail (loop around Price Lake)    2.3 Moderate
304.4 Linn Cove Viaduct Access Trail 0.16 Easy
305.2 Beacon Heights Trail (10 minutes to view)    0.22 Moderate
305.5 Tanawha Trail (diverse biological and geological features)    13.5 Easy/Moderate
308.2 Flat Rock Trail (self-guidling loop) 0.63 Easy
315.5 Camp Creek Trail (leg stretcher throught laurel and rhododendron) 0.1 Easy
316.4 Linville Falls Trail (view of upper Falls)    0.8 Moderate
316.4 Linville Gorge Trail (view of lower Falls)    0.5 Strenuous
316.4 Duggers Creek Trail (loop to view of Duggers Falls)   0.25 Easy
316.5 Linville River Bridge Trail (leg stretcher to view of unusual bridge) 0.1 Easy
320.8 Chestoa View Trail (30-minute loop to vista) 0.63 Easy
339.5 Crabtree Falls Loop Trail (loop to view of Falls)    2 Strenuous
344.1 Woods Mountain Trail (USFS)
2 Moderate
350.4 Lost Cove Ridge Trail (USFS) 0.6 Moderate
351.9 Deep Gap Trail (USFS) 0.2 Easy
355 Bald Knob Ridge Trail (USFS) 0.1 Easy
359.8 Big Butt Trail (USFS) (trail continues on USFS lands) 0.2 Strenuous
361.2 Glassmine Falls (view of Falls) 0.05 Moderate
364.2 Craggy Pinnacle Trail (to panoramic view)    0.73 Moderate
364.2 Craggy Gardens Trail (first portion is self-guiding nature trail) 0.84 Moderate
374.4 Rattlesnake Lodge Trail (woodland walk) 0.5 Moderate
382 Mountain-to-Sea Trail/MTS Trail (from Folk Art Center to Milepost 365; spring wildflowers and views; parallels parkway; many accesses) 7.5 Moderate
393.7 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Bent Creek-Walnut Cove) 3.1 Strenuous
396.4 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Walnut Cove-Sleepy Gap) 1.7 Moderate
397.3 Grassy Knob Trail (steep trail to USFS area) 0.9 Strenuous
397.3 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Sleepy Gap-Chestnut Cove) 0.7 Moderate
398.3 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Chestnut Cove-Bent Creek Gap) 2.8 Strenuous
400.3 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Bent Creek Gap-Beaver Dam Gap) 1.9 Moderate
401.7 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Beaver Dam Gap-Stoney Bald) 0.9 Moderate
402.6 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Stoney Bald-Big Ridge) 1.2 Strenuous
403.6 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Big Ridge-Mills River Valley) 1.2 Moderate/Strenuous
404.5 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Mills River Valley-Elk Pasture Gap) 1.2 Moderate/Strenuous
405.5 Shut-In Trail/MTS Trail (Elk Pasture Gap-Mt. Pisgah) 1.7 Strenuous
407.6 Mt. Pisgah Trail (summit view)    1.26 Moderate/Strenuous
407.6 Buck Springs Trail (Pisgah Lodge to view) 1.06 Easy/Moderate
408.5 Frying Pan Mountain Trail    1.65 Moderate/Strenuous
417 East Fork Trail (USFS, access to Shining Rock Trail System) 0.1 Easy/Moderate
418.8 Graveyard Fields Loop Trail (loop by a stream) 2.29 Moderate
419.4 John Rock Trail (leg stretcher to view) 0.1 Easy
422.4 Devil's Courthouse Trail (panoramic summit view) 0.42 Moderate/Strenuous
427.6 Bear Pen Gap Trail (access to Mountains-to-Sea Trail) 0.22 Easy
431 Richland Balsam Trail (self-guiding loop through spruce-fir forest) 1.47 Moderate
433.8 Toy Taylor Overlook Trail (paved trail to overlook) 0.1 Easy
451.2 Waterrock Knob Trail (summit view) 1.18 Moderate/Strenuous



*Mileage indicated length of trail one-way unless otherwise noted


Gully Creek Trail (rewarding loop that meanders by stream)




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Highlights & Happenings

  • James River & Otter Creek, MP 60-63.8
  • At the lowest elevation along the Parkway, visitors can hike, camp, fish, have a picnic, and see restored Battery Creek Lock from the Kanawha Canal.
  • Mount Pisgah, MP 408
  • Mount Pisgah’s spectacular views, hiking trails, camping and the Mount Pisgah Inn make this area a popular destination for visitors along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The mountain and thousands of surrounding acres was originally purchased by indust
  • Doughton Park, MP 240
  • Renew your senses amid this landscape of open meadows. Doughton Park is one of the best places along the Blue Ridge Parkway to view white-tailed deer, raccoons, red and grey foxes, and bobcats.  Flowers burst on the scene in late spring and crea
  • Peaks of Otter, MP 86
  • With stunning views, natural beauty, and the surrounding Jefferson National Forest, it’s no wonder the Peaks of Otter area has attracted people to the region for more than 8,000 years.
  • Blue Ridge Music Center
  • The Blue Ridge Music Center is a state-of-the-art performing arts facility built to preserve and promote the historic music of Virginia and the Blue Ridge. The Blue Ridge region has produced more old-time and bluegrass musicians per capita than any o
  • Julian Price Memorial Park, MP 297
  • A majestic 4,200 acres at the foot of Grandfather Mountain, named in honor of Julian Price, comprises this popular park and lies directly adjacent to the Moses H. Cone Memorial Park. Together these parks make up the largest developed area set as
  • Rocky Knob & Mabry Mill, MP 169, 176.2
  • These Parkway treasures offer many opportunities for visitors including hiking, camping, picnicking, and one of the most-photographed structures along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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  • An open Parkway is a safe Parkway. Be sure to check road conditions online or by phone before you travel and during your visit.
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